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NASSCOM membership certificate
28 June 2021

XS CAD Renews NASSCOM Membership

XS CAD has renewed its NASSCOM membership, furthering an enduring relationship.

NASSCOM is the prestigious trade body and chamber of commerce for India’s technological industry. Involving more than 3000 member companies, both national and multinational organisations with a presence in India, NASSCOM members include start-ups, small companies and multinationals that deal with products, services, global service centres and engineering firms.

NASSCOM helps accelerate industry change by enabling global digital transformation. It focuses on:

  • Nurturing innovation
  • Supporting technological capability and technological environments
  • Growing business opportunities
  • Promoting diversity and equal opportunity

The ongoing association with NASSCOM has worked well for XS CAD as we continue to innovate, increase technical know how and the scope of our services, grow business opportunities and espouse diversity.

We look forward to continuing this trend as a NASSCOM member.


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