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MEP Coordination
25 January 2018

XS CAD Tests Building SP Software

XS CAD recently tried and tested ClashMEP, a new software tool from Building System Planning, Inc. in line with earlier decisions to test new, artificial intelligence tools. ClashMEP, which is a Revit plug-in, was used during the progression of a live XS CAD MEP project.

ClashMEP is integrated in Revit, unlike other clash-free and interference analysis software tools. Clash detection is executed in the modelling workflow without exporting. Immediate clash feedback is provided with no noticeable lag, thus shortening the time spent on clash detection during MEP coordination workflow. Its ‘Live Clash detection’ feature across various disciplines increases collaboration in shared environments, since it becomes easier to make the changes while modelling in Revit.

XS CAD continues to seek, identify and try new software to continually improve our workflow and quality levels and reduce time and cost in the process. Developments in the design industry continue to see new artificial intelligence software options as well as a range of automation tools and add-ons.


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