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Autodesk ATC Certification
19 August 2020

XS CAD’s Grey Edge Renews its Autodesk ATC Certification

Grey Edge, a training and recruitment division of XS CAD, has renewed its ATC (Authorised Training Centre) certification and its position as a leading training institution and Autodesk Learning Partner amid the challenges of a pandemic.

As an Autodesk ATC, Grey Edge meets Autodesk’s defined standards of excellence for a high-quality, instructor-led learning experience, and as an Autodesk Learning Partner, Grey Edge delivers Autodesk product training to industry professionals.

XS CAD benefits from the skilled resources trained by Grey Edge, as these resources become well versed with industry-specific software and industry-relevant standards. From 2010, Grey Edge has been moulding industry professionals to handle and adapt to the challenges of global projects while working for XS CAD or others.

Autodesk-certified Grey Edge trains professionals in industry-compliant practices and helps develop valuable skills with industry-relevant certifications.

An Autodesk ATC offers the following key benefits for its trainees and the companies they will eventually work with:

  • Increased competitiveness
  • Familiarisation with the latest productivity features
  • Knowledge of best practices
  • Improved skills for optimum use of Autodesk software
  • Improved preparation for certification exams

At Grey Edge, trainees specifically benefit from:

  • Well-qualified instructors and sound infrastructure
  • Autodesk-recommended content from Autodesk Official Training Guides
  • Hands-on sample projects and exercises with an emphasis on real-world application
  • Class options for different skill levels, as required
  • Convenient class times or custom, on-site training
  • A valuable certificate of completion with worldwide industry recognition
  • Validation of product knowledge by becoming Autodesk certified


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