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Energy efficient Bathrooms design
16 October 2023
Shalini John

4 Ways to Make Bathrooms More Energy-efficient

Singing with perfect acoustics, savouring a cool, refreshing shower or lounging in a luxurious hot bath, the bathroom can be our own private haven. It can also be the single most wasteful space in a home, with regard to energy consumption. Those very long, warm and indulgent showers and baths, frequent flushing or dripping faucets can cost you.

Is there a way to significantly reduce the energy involved in this type of consumption?

With reliable architectural BIM services and accurate building construction drawings, a few basic steps to make bathrooms more energy-efficient include:

Changing to high-efficiency shower heads and sink mixers can save water consumption by half. New models of faucets and showerheads don’t necessarily skimp on the luxurious ‘feel’ of traditional models but do use considerably less energy.

Renovations are almost always expensive, and bathroom renovations run especially costly, as there is typically more work involved. Energy-efficient measures can still be incorporated into bathroom remodels to make the renovation eco-friendlier, save energy and lower utility bills while adding value to the entire home.

So, what are 4 energy-efficient measures that can be undertaken for a bathroom?

1. Install Low-flow Toilets/Showers – A low-flow toilet and shower head prevent water wastage. As they reduce water lost to excess use or mismanagement, they make the bathroom more energy-efficient while maintaining the same shower pressure.

2. Add Insulation – Insulation can be added in the walls and around water pipes. When water is heated and passed through pipes, heat can slowly escape as the water moves from the tank to the faucets. Foam pipe insulation helps prevent heat loss and saves money. High R-value insulation provides maximum efficiency.

3. Regulate & Monitor Water Temperatures – Considerable energy is required to heat water. Energy-efficient water heaters can regulate and maintain tank water temperatures continuously, achieving a more energy-efficient bathroom.

4. Use Energy-saving Lights & Solar Panels – Extra bright lights above sinks guzzle power. Energy-efficient light bulbs or solar panels can be used to run bathroom lights. Motion detector lighting saves electricity by avoiding unnecessary energy consumption when people forget to turn off the lights. Motion sensors help turn off lights automatically after a set, specific period.

Making Energy-efficient Bathrooms a Priority

Energy-efficiency bathrooms can be the first step to incorporate sustainability into a house. Visionary planning can help improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases by almost 40%. Many multi-home facilities or educational or medical institutions are opting to use bathroom pods as a means of introducing energy efficiency.

Prefabricated bathrooms or bathroom pods, which are factory-made bathroom units that come with pre-installed mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC elements and systems, are a sensible option for larger construction projects. Once they are manufactured in the factory, bathroom pods can be transported whole to the construction site, ready to be installed. Bathrooms pods can offer the following benefits:

  • Low-flow toilets, showers
  • Rainwater type showers
  • Energy-efficient water heaters
  • Sustainable recycled materials for personalised fixtures

Using prefab bathroom pods and using BIM for sustainable construction helps save time and money, enables easy delivery and installation, reduces labour hours, minimises on-site injuries and considerably reduces on-site noise.

In conclusion, energy-efficient bathrooms are both environmentally responsible and economically sensible. With the right upgrades, innovations and design support services, it becomes possible to plan an effective energy consumption strategy, resulting in lower utility bills and contributing to a greener future. Transforming your bathroom into an energy-efficient haven certainly has its benefits.

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