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31 October 2022
Hitesh Panchal

Can Consultants Use Scan to BIM Technology as Effectively as Contractors?

‘The past is never where you think you left it,’ writer and activist Katherine Porter once said. Sometimes this is true of MEP design drawings for buildings erected in the past. These documents may be missing, misplaced or damaged over time. Thus, when renovations and re-design are necessary, models of existing services can be created through the process of scan to BIM. Drawings were developed from these models by building contractors in the past, but today, MEP consultants can do the same just as effectively.

Point cloud files can be linked effectively in Revit by following a certain procedure:

  • Modellers transform scanned data into usable file formats.
  • Scanned data is converted into point cloud files after indexing.
  • Users can attach point cloud data in a Revit project using a Point Cloud tool.
  • The point cloud file is then linked in the project.


By using the scan to BIM process, the design for remodelling may be precise and detailed. Earlier, on-site teams worked from plans that were created using information from the site. Contractors felt certain plans were more accurate and precise when they were created manually. Today, with laser scanning by high-performance scanners, data is captured and used to develop considerably precise and accurate 3D representations of the scanned area to convert point clouds to BIM.

  • Consultants can also use the scan to BIM process for transparency, clarity and communication in a project.
  • Consultants can convert point clouds to MEP models using scan to BIM result in good quality and reliability.
  • Scan to BIM reduces construction cost and helps make fast, informed decisions by analysing 3D models.
  • Consultants can also enhance sustainability initiatives within a project.
  • Expensive construction errors are eliminated or reduced with accurate models.

Engineering consultants are using scan to BIM services for engineering in renovation/redesign projects, as improved models help them work with accurate dimensions and services in existing structures, which may even be retained in a new design.

To know more about scan to BIM technology . . .

With worldwide efforts to decrease building waste, scan to BIM services for MEP projects can now be used by engineering consultants to design sustainable buildings and practice building waste reduction. Increasingly, global firms are turning to offshore sources for their point cloud to MEP BIM services.

XS CAD has valuable experience providing point cloud to MEP BIM services for general contractors and consultants. Our range of services for consultants and manufacturers across the world include point cloud to BIM, scan to BIM services for engineering and we convert point clouds to MEP models as part of our scan to BIM services for MEP. We create these models and drawings by using Revit, AutoCAD and BIM 360 Design for cloud collaboration.