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Revizto's Impact on CAD/BIM
21 April 2023
Hitesh Panchal

How Revizto Goes Beyond Communication

In a world of constant change, technological advancements occur with almost exponential frenzy. For architects, engineers and building contractors, Revizto, a cloud-based visual collaboration software, joins the bandwagon of advancement in the form of easy design communication within a 3D environment that can be navigated. However, it goes beyond communication to monitor resources and workflows and archives all messages.

Revizto uses gaming technology and cloud solutions to collate BIM and CAD data to track and monitor project issues in a centralised 3D environment. It is an intuitive platform, easy to learn and adapts seamlessly to 3D BIM modelling workflows. Revizto is user-friendly, making it easy to train design teams and also easily pulls up 2D plans. It enables project teams to share the same window into all project data. It also converts Autodesk Revit BIM construction models and Trimble SketchUp models into interactive 3D environments with collaboration tools and is an issue-tracking platform. It runs on macOS, iOS and Android platforms and in most web browsers using the Unity plugin.

What Can It Do?

Some construction firms find BIM coordination challenging and cannot handle it as efficiently as possible or struggle to use BIM for sustainable construction, enduring lengthy physical coordination meetings. Revizto can be accessed anywhere, anytime, online or offline, and offers real-time communication, saving time and effort.

  • Revizto makes accessing and viewing 3D models easy with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Revizto helps create comments on 3D models.
  • Revizto improves communication. Even less tech-savvy colleagues can easily view and navigate through 3D models and communicate issues easily.

Developed by Vizerra, Revizto applies 3D technology to generate project design visualisations. Newer versions convert BIM files to interactive 3D environments and offer:

  • X-ray and transparent view modes
  • Visibility filtering by object type
  • Real-time chatting
  • Smoother viewer navigation
  • Updated user interface
  • Files can be uploaded to the cloud or used as standalones.
  • Navigation cues and a help screen to improve usability

One of the most used features of Revizto is the Issue Tracker, which identifies high-priority open issues and tracks their progress in the workflow.

Issue Tracker

Issue tracking can be crucial for team collaboration. All coworkers may not be in the office at the same time, so Revizto can help keep track of issues by:

  • Creating issues and grouping them by tags
  • Creating a log for the entire project, facilitating searches for keywords to reference past discussions
  • Creating notes of tasks and directly assigning them to the correct person during design meetings
  • Documenting every decision made during design
  • Comparing previous screenshots of issues with newer models
Central Hub for Models

View the whole project by integrating intelligent BIM data, such as reality capture, into a centralised user-friendly location.

Real-time Issue Tracker

Establish a process for how data moves through the project and effectively communicate model-based tasks.

2D/3D Model Synergy
  • Enables 2D/3D combined view
  • Easily compares 2D sheets
  • Works with live CDE documentation seamlessly
  • Improves quality of models
  • Experience model data and coordination issues easily with a fast, immersive, true-to-scale VR experience
  • No set-up required to view models in VR
Clash-free Projects
  • Import and manage all clashes
  • Revizto can sync clash tests from Navisworks immediately, reducing time and work spent in repetitive tasks.
  • View issues in native modelling software, assign accountability and track changes so all clashes are quickly resolved.
Collaborate from Any Location
  • Monitors tasks and progress, and access all project data on a mobile device at the office or on site
  • Instead of email, issues are created in Revizto.
  • All information and communication are in one place.
  • Reduces the need for frequent and lengthy meetings, saving time and improving communication
  • Helps resolve scheduling issues, as the whole project is available and updated at any time.
  • BIM Coordination process is shortened and more clear
Managing Workflows
  • Helps create automated nightly exports, so design teams have updated models every morning
  • Helps project managers monitor project progress without using PDF files or other exports and review both 2D sheets and 3D models
  • Helps replace plotting in between PDF files for internal review and exporting to Navisworks to create 3D models, saving time
In a Nutshell
  • Revizto helps bring design teams together and holds them responsible for their tasks.
  • Revizto enables the VDC team to spend time analysing models and taking on new projects.
  • Revizto helps design teams benefit from VDC – improved planning, reduced delays, increased profit.
  • Revizto can be applied on high-end residential facilities, recreation centres, education buildings and medical centre projects.
To know more about Revizto . . .

Beyond communication, Revizto features many advantages for design and build firms in the modern age. Those looking for high-quality BIM services offshore can factor in their partner’s knowledge of Revizto as one of the requirements. Revizto’s capabilities will surely assist in the seamless delivery of BIM MEP services worldwide, helping save time, effort and money.

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