Helping homebuilders build,
renovate and sell faster

Helping homebuilders build, renovate and sell faster

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Assisting in the design and development of worldwide homebuilding projects, we provide accurate and high-quality detailing, 3D modelling, drafting, construction documentation sets, 3D rendering and COBie services for large homebuilders.

Our homebuilding design support teams have acquired thorough region-specific knowledge of the codes and regulations for the US (AIA), the UK (RIBA), Canada and Australia (ANZ) to efficiently fulfil the design needs of global homebuilders.

Design & BIM

We provide 3D BIM modelling, drafting, 4D (time schedule) and 5D (cost) Revit BIM services, including detailed plans, sections, elevations, BIM content and schedules. Our clash-free models include precise data on design development and construction documentation.

Working within both closed BIM and open BIM environments, our teams can create lot-specific drawings, address-specific drawings, plan updates, options, design development and construction documentation sets directly from BIM models for each house in large homebuilding projects.

We provide:

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Realistic visual experiences of residential spaces can make a lasting impact on viewers. We recognise the significance of accurate 3D rendering services in helping communicate design details for internal design approvals, reviews and to help construction teams visualise proposed layouts.

Combining the latest in visualisation technology, thorough knowledge of local requirements and the expertise of our skilled designers, we provide photorealistic 3D renderings and other visualisation services for conceptual planning, designing and marketing, such as:

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Interactive Floor Planner

Offering real-time design capability, we create interactive floor plan tools for large homebuilders that facilitate the customisation of house floor plans by consumers on homebuilder websites. Customers may access and select furniture options. Then, they can rotate furniture, and also, they can flip, print and modify floor plans.

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Project Types

We ensure comprehensive design and BIM support for various project types, including renovation projects, such as:

Multi-Storey Residences
Multi-Unit Residential
Single Storey

Software Expertise

Our architectural team helps us provide high-quality homebuilding design services with their proficiency on these software tools: