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17 May 2018
Manoj Singh

Advantages of Partnering with Top BIM Companies in India

Firms in Western nations are increasingly working with Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology in the AEC industry, and have found effective methods of managing this technology to suit time and cost restraints that may arise. BIM outsourcing, especially with top BIM companies in India, is one of the solutions to most of these challenges. Partnering with a trusted company in India for your BIM requirements is beneficial for several reasons. To understand the benefits of outsourcing BIM services, it’s useful to begin with what exactly BIM is and what its benefits are.

BIM software and processes enable all stakeholders in a building construction project to share information and increase the efficiency of the process of design and ultimately construction. It can be understood as a set of interacting processes and technologies generating a method to create building design and project data in a digital format. Advanced 3D software, such as Revit, helps construction professionals guide the design process from 2D design to precise 3D design quickly and accurately. The software used allows substantial flexibility and the chance to play with shapes and forms, along with storing relevant information and data within the project. Many firms, therefore, have adopted the use of BIM technology to help the design process, but it requires investment in time, staff and money to effectively use this technology. Nevertheless, these companies are quite satisfied with the BIM process, aware that they can see a return on investment: analysis improvement, data integration, facilities management, visualisation, collaboration and, in some cases, a deeper exploration of the work process, such as how to improve the design and scheduling of projects. BIM solutions benefit general contractors, design build contractors, real estate developers and architecture and engineering (AEC) firms.

Top Benefits of BIM Services
  • Coordination
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Reduced RFIs
  • Visualisation
  • Logistic Planning
  • Cost Savings
  • Reduced Construction Time
  • Increased Productivity
  • Precise Drawings
  • Risk Mitigation

In India, firms from Western nations can find solutions to BIM outsourcing and architectural CAD outsourcing services that are both technically reliable and cost effective. Team members in Indian outsourced firms have years of experience and have trained extensively in international building and construction standards and global best practices. Indian firms, in general, implement strict quality control measures, believing that quality is crucial to retaining clients. Many conduct regular peer reviews and check for quality and accurate model creation. Adherence to processes, well-defined reporting structures and regular communication with clients minimise errors in the process. Therefore, BIM outsourcing provides a chance for all stakeholders to participate in a more accurate and more efficient strategy.

Some of the challenges of BIM adoption include:
  • Cost – Increased caution in Western countries concerning financial expenses has sometimes discouraged the adoption of BIM processes in many firms, since it would involve extra expenditure on software, hardware, training and time.
  • In-house Lack of Experience – Smaller practices with fewer staff may not have enough skilled personnel to manage the adoption of BIM processes.

As a solution, Indian outsourcing companies offer a slew of advantages. Currently, Indian outsourced companies provide BIM services to residential, commercial, educational, corporate, industrial, healthcare and hospitality construction industries. Top BIM companies in India work in five dimensions. Besides the traditional three dimensions in CAD software: length, breadth and depth, cost and time are two additional dimensions applied to BIM models.

Other benefits of outsourcing BIM services to India include:
  • Reduced Costs – BIM services costs are considerably less in India than in Western countries. In addition, there would be a saving of expenses involved in training, investing in software and hardware and locating and employing qualified personnel.
  • Expertise – In India, a vast pool of technically qualified staff, especially in BIM technology, is easily available. Certified architects, structural and civil engineers, designers, project managers and CAD draftsmen are proficient in using Revit to provide Revit 3D BIM modelling and CAD drawings.
  • Experience – Indian BIM companies have years of experience in providing BIM modelling and Revit BIM services overseas. These services have been provided for infrastructure, healthcare and airport development projects in the West. Experience has contributed to improved processes, including assigning dedicated teams for each client.
  • Prompt Delivery – Firms in Western nations can monitor overseas BIM services using cloud-based technology and video conferencing. Both Indian and Western stakeholders can communicate and participate and collaborate to improve the quality of delivered services and ensure international standards are met on time. Indian work ethics also encourage precision and prompt delivery.
  • Security – The leading BIM companies in India follow data security laws and can be held liable for any security breaks. Western firms can be confident while negotiating terms and security assurances.
  • Focus on Core Business Competencies – In-house management of all tasks can divert focus away from core business activities. Partnering with top BIM companies in India helps delegate BIM services while other key business functions can be managed effectively.
  • Improve Scale – When Indian firms provide BIM services to Western firms, human resources are provided according to the size of the project. Large projects can be handled with the availability of increased number of qualified personnel in India.
  • Ease of Outsourcing to India – Once a suitable Indian service provider is located, a contract can be signed. A few suggestions to help begin the process of BIM outsourcing to India include the following:

1. Evaluate BIM services required.

2. Investigate potential Indian vendors.

3. First, outsource BIM services for a simple project. Then, depending on the outcome, opt for larger and more complex projects.

4. Define deliverables and deadlines. Meet with the vendor to set conditions and priorities.

BIM services from India offer many advantages that are difficult to ignore. Locating and partnering with top BIM companies in India, therefore, is an increasingly efficient option for Western firms due to the advantages of cost savings, experienced staff and well-qualified professionals, who maintain quality and security.