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Drafting and Design Services for Home Buildings
26 May 2023
Shalini John

Are Digitised Homebuilding Design Services Here to Stay?

To sustain longevity, one needs to evolve. Homebuilding design services, such as residential architectural renderings, 3D house walk-throughs 3D flythroughs for animation and other 3D visualisation services, have contributed significantly to improved design and ultimately sales. As these services contribute to 68 percent faster sales in the United States and continue to evolve, it certainly looks like they are here to stay.

During Covid-induced lockdowns and beyond, home buyers were unable to visit housing sites and experience homes firsthand. Decisions were inevitably made based on viewing digitised visuals.

By digitising business processes, much becomes easier and faster. It becomes both simple and practical to inspect and certify the digital model of a house rather than wait for the house to be constructed to do so. Digitising homebuilding workflows includes using BIM technology as a means of success for a homebuilder rather than follow BIM practices because they have been mandated by regulations. Consequently, benefits in maintenance, usage and emergency management will ensue.

Advantages of Digitising Homebuilding Design

Professionals involved in the homebuilding design process can save time, improve work quality, reduce expenses, focus on safety and increase profit margins through digitising the work process. This kind of process can help streamline business models, track and monitor progress and changes, provide transparence and enable the collection of data, material tracking and collaboration through multiple work time zones to develop an effective design.

By incorporating the continuously evolving adventure that is BIM and its integrated design features, many benefits may result, such as:

  • Improved productivity
  • Increased efficiency
  • Faster delivery time
  • Clear project communication between stakeholders
  • Minimal confusion and errors
Popularity with Engineers & Architects

Using BIM technology and digitised design services has enabled architects and engineers in the homebuilding industry to streamline work processes and improve quality and accuracy, while encouraging innovation.

Real-time data collected through the application of the relevant design software can help submit plans, permits and other documents quickly, helping meet project delivery times and budgets. Several 3D integrated design and analysis software carry out complex simulations, helping make tough decisions. Clearly, such software and tools are now popular among designers, architects and engineers involved in homebuilding projects.

The Green Angle

As homebuilders transition to digital operations, they are able to limit the use of paper, saving considerable printing costs, time and storage space.

Communication Is Key

Additionally, project stakeholders can manage information and transfer knowledge quickly and efficiently. Smooth communication paves the way for meeting project deadlines. Incorporating the many changes, adjustments and modifications that run through the design process, digitised design services can help manage communication and documentation seamlessly.

The Future Is Now

Digitised design services can lay the foundation for VR (virtual reality) solutions that allow designers to model houses and simulate views, seasonal lighting effects and the effect and placement of furniture in homes. Augmented reality, or AR, can then provide extra digital information to supplement real-world details. Mobile augmented reality (MAR) enables AR access to phones, minimising the use of laptops and desktops for real-time updates.

Adding Glamour to Marketing

With 3D architectural rendering services, such as detailed residential rendering, homebuilders can design and market property effectively. When potential home buyers are shown attractive, detailed digital scenes of a finished home, marketing executives from the homebuilder’s team will find it easier to pitch and sell properties. Trusted and renowned homebuilders can sell effectively with digitised visuals, such as walk-throughs, flythroughs and images of street scenes.

The homebuilding industry in tandem with the wider construction industry thus must invest in the digital transformation of its design services to one that involves a digitally literate workforce.

For some homebuilders, this may be challenging due to the dearth of available design professionals who are experienced and adept at providing high-quality digitised design services and residential BIM modelling.

To know more about digitised homebuilding design services . . .

When homebuilders find the right 3D rendering service provider to deliver all their residential rendering and Revit 3D BIM modelling services as per their requirements, it will be evident that digitised homebuilding design services are here to stay and something that they cannot afford to ignore.

XS CAD has valuable experience providing residential rendering and residential BIM modelling for large homebuilders. Our range of services for global firms as a 3D rendering service provider include residential architectural renderings, 3D house walk-throughs, Revit 3D BIM modelling, 3D flythroughs for animation, 3D architectural rendering services and other 3D visualisation services. We offer retained teams when required, and we create these models, drawings, rendered images and BIM services by using Revit, AutoCAD and BIM Collaborate Pro for cloud collaboration.