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30 March 2023
Shalini John

Embedding Floor Planners in Websites Generates New Leads for Homebuilders

On a high for quite some time following the pandemic, the US homebuilding industry has seen demand steadily rise. Single-family detached and attached home communities, luxury residential resort-like golf communities and urban low, mid and high-rise communities are increasingly popular on the wish list of home buyers. Homebuilding firms are competing to build and design residences for first-time buyers, expecting high earnings growth rates. To see greater sales, homebuilding firms must generate viable leads using a different approach. Embedding digital floor planners in their websites could fast become a necessity rather than an option, due to their functionality and other benefits.

Why would interactive house floor plans on homebuilder websites generate new leads?

Here are 6 clear benefits of using a customised floor plan tool:


1. Precision

Viewers will know precise measurements, can make changes, and establish other details with an embedded floor planner tool. They can zoom in and perceive the feel of a space and see important details through high-resolution digital plans.

2. Visualisation

A floor planner tool for websites can help potential home buyers visualise a property and its design. When selling designs to buyers, this can be a significant asset. People want to visualise their new space, how the furniture will fit, where all the windows and doors are, helping them understand natural light sources.

3. Space

Floor planners can help potential buyers view and comprehend space within the design. Prospective buyers can analyze how the space will be used and by whom. For example, buyers can check if a potential nursery space is near the master bedroom and can even experiment with interactive furniture placement.

4. Saving Resources

Viewing floor plans digitally can help save time and money. No actual physical 3D model or print outs of a huge number of documents is required. A digital floor plan can be created and shared across many devices for potential buyers.

5. Marketing & Sales

Private housing is a significant revenue driver, so it’s vitally important for homebuilders to make their designs accessible to potential clients.

Using floor planners on their websites, varied designs can be showcased to the general public. Interested buyers can explore the design and see a photorealistic version of the finished property, having a serious impact on pushing sales, as many questions can be answered visually.

6. Surface Area

When purchasing a house, buyers may want to know the exact surface area of the floor to help calculate the cost of special or exotic flooring materials.

Buyers can understand the value of space without physically visiting it. Knowing the exact square footage helps buyers decide whether they want to buy or not.

To know more about customised floor planner tools . . .

A home floor planner tool features many great benefits to help customise, let buyers explore and ultimately decide to buy property. The right interactive floor plan service provider can provide high-quality floor plan applications to help homebuilders generate leads and ultimately boost sales.

XS CAD can provide a home floor planner tool and floor plan applications for homebuilders.  As an interactive floor plan service provider, our range of digital floor planner services include a customised floor plan tool or floor planner tool, a floor planner tool for websites which feature a range of interactive house floor plans and interactive furniture placement.