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Interactive floor planner
28 April 2023
Manoj Singh

Interactive Floor Planner – Another Digital Twin Tool for Homebuilders?

Alike in every way that counts, twins typically reflect a series of physical traits in each other. In the residential real estate environment, a digital twin virtually replicates a house and its subsections through software with digital assets. It is a twin of a home with all the systems, appliances and components in digital form. Digital twins thus help homebuilders better understand, manage and utilise all property aspects and features.

An accurate and detailed digital twin of a home can facilitate greater levels of functionality. This enables homeowners also to manage, use and maintain their homes effectively. Digital twins for homes can continue to evolve by seamlessly integrating multiple and separate smart devices and systems.

Digital Twins of Houses

Residential digital twins of homes at a basic level can be 3D-rendered representation of an entire home, including structural details, floor plans, details of doors, windows, appliances, furniture, flooring, artwork, décor, etc. Photographic 3D renderings of a home and belongings can also be the basis of creating a digital twin, as they can be of help for insurance processes.

A more advanced digital twin includes more expansive data on a residence and its contents, such as accurate 3D dimensions of rooms and layouts, flooring material types, cabinetry, counters, fixtures, etc. This information can be crucial for rebuilding, renovating or refurbishing sections or complete homes.

Technologies such as BIM, 3D models and 3D design renders also play a part in creating digital twins. These technologies and the details featured in interactive house floor plans provided by an interactive floor plan service provider can help develop a digital twin, which will benefit both homebuilders and homeowners.

Features of Interactive Floor Plans

Offering real-time design capability, interactive floor planner tools provide potential home buyers with an opportunity to customise a dream home. Floor plan applications can help provide structural options, rendered images of elevations, placement and sizing of furniture and can even offer virtual tours. Floor plan applications include:

  • Structural and furniture options
  • Photorealistic rendered images
  • Product catalog
  • Saving/emailing floor plans
  • Adding/editing notes

For a home buyer and, as a result the homebuilder that provides this customisable floor plan tool, an interactive floor plan can help view and be instrumental in designing parts of a home, which will be identical to the finished house, or a digital twin.

How Owners Benefit

After purchasing a home, the owner can use the digital twin created by the digital floor planner for space management. Movers can use printouts of floor plans, and renovators can note structural elements. With interactive furniture placement capabilities, furniture can be dragged and dropped on screen and relevant notes can be added, almost like working on a real house, or on a digital twin.

How Homebuilders Benefit

Homebuilders can use the home floor planner tool to generate leads and to display options. The homebuilder’s sales team can use the contact information and saved plans to contact possible leads and show and discuss features and modifications as they would with an actual home, or a digital twin. Further benefits include:

  • Greater engagement with potential buyers without building a real house
  • Personalised lot-specific interactive floor plans which can be saved and shared on any platform
  • Plan usage reports, providing data for prospect follow-ups
  • Conversion of happy users to buyers without ever visiting the home
  • Emotional connections created for prospects and buyers through visualisation and customisation resulting from this digital twin tool
To know more about floor planner tools . . .

It can be concluded that an interactive floor planner provides sufficient features and applications for homebuilders to use them as a digital twin tool.

XS CAD can provide a home floor planner tool and floor plan applications for homebuilders.  As an interactive floor plan service provider, our range of digital floor planner services include a customized floor plan tool or floor planner tool, a floor planner tool for websites which feature a range of interactive house floor plans and interactive furniture placement.