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3d house rendering
20 September 2022
Shalini John

Why Homebuilders Find Digital Tools Attractive

In the business of making dreams come true by building dream homes, it is essential for large homebuilders to communicate design intent clearly, attractively and as accurately as possible throughout the design stages and beyond. As computer-generated images, or CGIs, and rendered images are becoming increasingly popular for this communication, homebuilders require high-quality 3D architectural rendering services to support them. These 3D rendering services providers wield digital tools with considerable expertise while creating 3D visualisation services for housing, such as residential rendering and CGIs for property developers.

Today, a choice of digital tools can help create rendered images that accurately and attractively represent various design options and give flight to creativity.

What does 3D rendering software accomplish?

  • Rendering software tools, such as V-Ray, Lumion, Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, etc., help create photorealistic 3D images or environments from 3D models.
  • Rendered images can be interactive, easy to navigate and scalable.
  • Designers can include people and objects from 3D modelling software in any virtual environment.
  • Rendering tools can integrate with animation tools to facilitate immersive views.
  • These tools can provide textures, lighting, shadows and other details to interior and exterior views.
  • Using these tools, homebuilders can use rendered images for marketing and sales purposes.

Some of the most useful products of rendering software tools include:

  • Still renderings
  • 3D walk-throughs
  • 3D fly-throughs
  • Cross-sections and floor plans
  • Animation
  • Panoramic 360-degree rendered views

So, why do homebuilders find these tools attractive?

  • Rendering software tools create rendered images accurately, in less time and are easily accessible.
  • They help validate design concepts for more effective communication between homebuilders and clients.
  • They help prevent design errors before construction begins.
  • Clients can get a feel of the space with immersive virtual environments.
  • Homebuilders can highlight the best part of the home design and effectively explain what modifications can be possible.
  • Tools can be used to map colours, tiling and materials to 3D models to offer various options for view.
  • Multiple light sources and different combinations of light can be shown in a rendered scene to introduce global illumination and making the scene more photorealistic.
  • Rendered work can be presented as 360-degree panoramas, 3D animation and virtual tours for marketing and for realtors.

How do CGIs and virtual tours of homes in the design stage help both homebuilders and buyers?

  • Computer-generated images are used to create walk-throughs and 3D flythroughs, which can be detailed and thorough enough to be used as a virtual tour of a property by homebuilders.
  • As a virtual tour takes the viewer on a journey through a property that has not yet been built, potential buyers can acquire a good understanding of a space and can thus make informed decisions and modifications concerning its design.
  • Virtual tours provide a new level of customer service and can even lead to increased brand awareness.
  • Studies show that more than half of all Internet users take a virtual tour before deciding on products or services, making it a valuable asset for homebuilders.
  • Prospective buyers can view the house without leaving their own homes, saving time and money spent on travelling to a site.
  • Virtual house tours can be shared on social media platforms, improving the tour’s rankings, thus helping the homebuilder.
  • As it can be accessed at any time, virtual tours can help create a sense of ownership for customers before construction.
  • Homebuilders do not need to invest in luxury furniture and fixtures or maintain them for a show house. Viewers can view virtual house tours without homebuilders purchasing expensive furniture, fixtures or wall textures.
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With so many features and advantage, 3D residential renderings, visualisations and animations are hard to ignore. The right 3D architectural visualisation services can make dreams come true by digitally perfecting home design. Globally, large homebuilding firms require reliable 3D rendering service providers who can be trusted to deliver high-quality 3D architectural rendering services, 3D visualisation services, CGI for property developers and 3D fly-throughs for animation.

XS CAD has valuable experience providing 3D architectural visualisation services and residential rendering services for large homebuilders. Our range of services for global homebuilders, green building developers and property developers include 3D visualisation services, CGIs for property developers, 3D fly-throughs for animation and 3D architectural rendering services. We have proven to be a preferred 3D rendering service provider, due to the high quality of our 3D modelling and 3D walk-throughs, created by using Revit, 3ds Max, V-Ray, Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, Illustrator and BIM Collaboration Pro for cloud collaboration.