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6 November 2020
Kuldeep Bwail

How BIM Content Helps Manufacturers

Today’s MEP engineer or architect wants to choose the most appropriate components or fixture from many different brands in the shortest possible time. Clear and detailed communication of product information can help with that. The more product details are available, the more informed the selection will be.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) plays an important role in this. The construction industry needs product manufacturers to provide high-quality BIM objects for projects.


Why is that?

Effective Data Transfer BIM content provides all required data and 3D content to quickly and accurately insert and adjust the manufacturer’s products in their models.

Improved Quality 3D BIM content must be incredibly accurate and of high standards to eliminate delays and maintain manufacturers’ reputations.

BIM-generated information and models are used to:
  • Create Bill of Material (BOM) lists
  • Create prefabrication sets
  • Make accurate calculations and reports for estimating and takeoffs

The manufacturer is the most reliable source of information regarding any product. So, they must focus on supplying accurate and high-quality BIM content.

How will manufacturers benefit from taking ownership of BIM content?

Remain competitive and relevant

  • When project design teams and purchasing teams have easy access to product data in their preferred format type, they will select and use them.
  • Easy access to specific product data means that those products can be easily matched with the project specs, and thus are more likely to be chosen.
  • Manufacturers can easily find out who has viewed, bought and installed their products from product libraries, feedback which can help improve future sales.
Revit has become the go-to BIM software for most designers.

Revit families represent components, such as:

  • Valves, pipes
  • Tables, counters, shelves
  • Bathroom fixtures and sanitaryware
  • Kitchen fixtures and equipment
Manufacturers must develop a strategy that improves their product offering by:
  • Developing high-quality BIM content and data
  • Hosting BIM content on leading product library platforms
  • Linking BIM with the manufacturing processes to improve delivery