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MEP drafting services
8 August 2022
Ganesh Naikar

How Efficient Are MEP Drafting Services from India?

Efficiency is doing things the best possible way from every aspect. During construction, the design, planning, installation and performance of building services, MEP, M&E or building engineering services is of paramount importance. Hence, the accuracy of MEP CAD drafting services will lead to building services efficiency.

Why is accurate MEP drafting crucial?
  • By identifying and organising MEP elements during design, expenses can be kept to a minimum.
  • Each building services team must be expressly aware of the dimensions, locations and material composition of other MEP elements and installations, which can be possible with updated, accurate MEP plans.
  • A building constructed without MEP plans will be taking a chance on habitation comfort and energy efficiency.

In today’s construction milieu, BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology and BIM modelling has become almost standard, and using Revit, a widely utilised BIM-enabled software worldwide, is practically second nature. Revit holds several advantages for planning and design professionals in the MEP sector.

Why MEP Drafting Services from India Use Revit
  • Revit follows a BIM workflow incorporating HVAC drafting and electrical drafting.
  • Indian professionals have developed both experience and expertise in using Revit.
  • Using Revit, the design documentation process can be streamlined and productivity can be maximised.
  • From developing detailed HVAC plans and designing the plant room, Revit helps stakeholders make informed decisions using the detailed data in a Revit model.
  • This leads to improved building performance, design visualisation and communication across all project stakeholders.

Using Revit also makes it possible for expert Indian MEP drafting services to offer value engineering services by anticipating, calculating, modifying and communicating bonus information or services that may not otherwise be consistently delivered by others.

Value Engineering through MEP Drafting
  • This includes the identification of project objectives, constraints, limitations and assessing the project using documents, reports, maps and costs. Identifying and analysing increased costs, high-cost areas are determined, and suggestions are made on how expenses can be minimised.
  • Value engineering also involves understanding the functionality of a project through performance-function analysis and cost-function analysis.
  • At some points, ideas are evaluated to optimise project function at lower costs and alternatives can be offered to the customer.
  • Ideas are carefully assessed to improve building performance and function.
  • Any alternative design solutions are discussed and formal reports on risk analysis, cost-benefit analysis, value analysis and scope are presented to project stakeholders.

In addition to value engineering, some of the benefits of MEP drafting services sourced in India is rooted in its culture. Indian culture involves a deep reverence and dedication to work, which translates into delivering services of the best quality, on time and within budget.

To know more about MEP drafting services

Furthermore, being in a different time zone compared to most Western countries, professionals and firms in India can offer flexibility and productivity in a way that may be overlooked. For instance, when design-and-build firms working on a project in Western countries clock out at the end of their workday, firms in India may be just beginning and thus will be working while their Western partners sleep, enabling a 24-hour workday for a single project.

With an expansive bank of expert technical talent in India, delivery of accurate CAD drawing services and BIM drafting services will not be a challenge in the foreseeable future.

XS CAD has valuable experience providing BIM modelling services and MEP CAD drafting services for global engineering forms. Our range of services for MEP consultants and contractors across the world include MEP drafting, HVAC drafting, CAD drawing services, electrical drafting and value engineering services. We create these models and drawings using Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks and BIM Collaborate Pro for cloud collaboration.