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12 September 2022
Apurva Jain

What Do Experienced Offshore Partners Offer Australian Building Engineering Firms?

It’s no secret. Australian construction firms sourcing building engineering design solutions offshore have had to deal with their share of snafus. Confusion and disappointment can arise across several parameters, whether it is communication, delays or quality of work. Building engineering firms in Australia that are short on resources and are distrustful of offshore capabilities need expert and experienced partners who can be trusted to deliver high-quality MEP CAD outsourcing services that include mechanical engineering design services, HVAC heat load calculation and 3D MEP coordinated drawings.

What are some of the challenges facing the construction industry in Australia?
  • Increasing populations are placing increased pressure on aging human resources.
  • Costs of raw materials are rising.
  • As road congestion and public transport crowding increase, health, education and green space infrastructure need to step up to address these needs.
  • Today’s network costs are driving energy bills 35% higher than in the past decade.
  • There is a lack of knowledge and expertise required to adopt the latest technological advances in streamlining construction business workflows.

Looking at these challenges closely:

Shortage of Human Resources
  • In a growing industry, there is a lack of young construction design professionals to meet demands, learn skills on the job and retain and improve those skills as time goes by.
  • Skilled workers and other construction professionals find alternate sources of employment with greater renumeration.
Rising Costs
  • As the cost of materials and the cost of human resources increase, it can result in a considerable impact on a building project’s costs.
  • There is an impact on cash flow when non-essential employees are kept on the roster during a building engineering project that requires advanced technical skills.
  • Shortcuts may ensue, including compromising the quality of planning and project operations.
High Insurance Premiums & Legal Expenses
  • Road congestion and crowded public transport put a strain on the development of infrastructure and need a variety of insurance premiums.
  • Contractors pay high insurance premiums for different types of insurance, so that there is a higher general liability for construction defects and delays.
  • It becomes imperative for construction firms to ensure high-quality plans and drawings that will require little or no deviation to complete projects on time.
  • Non-compliance of building regulations can lead to steep legal expenses.
Lukewarm Adoption of Technological Advances
  • Not all Australian firms have kept up with the emerging changes in construction design technology.
  • The prospect of added financial investment on hardware and software may have held back some firms.
  • This may result in the possibility of losing out on business opportunities and not providing customers with the quality and detail of pre-construction planning they are used to with other firms.

Firms can try to cut costs in other areas, but it would be advantageous to learn how to streamline operations with the use of technology so as to effectively minimise waste.


Digital resources can raise the quality of project planning to a much-desired trajectory, setting firms on a path that will help them design efficiently, eliminate or minimise errors, manage supplies and track operations.

Today, using Excel sheets to estimate material costs and perform other tasks may not be as efficient as comprehensive, streamlined alternatives, such as building information modelling (BIM) technology.

Experienced Offshore Partners

Finding the right offshore partner is no longer a difficult proposition. Features to look for include:

  • An approach that focuses on quality assurance
  • A process-driven workflow
  • Communication standards that match the expectations of Western countries
  • Teams with extensive scale and expertise in global building engineering projects
  • Expert knowledge of BIM technology and AI
  • Bespoke solutions for each project
  • Experience in providing value-added design solutions
  • Extensive knowledge of local standards
  • A legacy of delivering projects on schedule and within budget
To know more about offshore partners . . .

Partners who are seasoned in using the latest technology for building engineering will already be in possession of the requisite software tools and can promote the abilities of Australian firms with confidence. Their knowledge of Australia’s local codes and regulations will help save time and stress. Expert MEP outsourcing services will solve all BIM outsourcing and offshore fire system design challenges that Australian firms have dealt with before. It’s a whole new breed of offshore partners.

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