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Why it’s Essential to Find Right Outsourcing Partner for Revit & BIM services?

  • A right partner can provide you with apt BIM solutions that can help you deliver project on time.
  • You get the exact information about the entire structure within a specified time.
  • Determining the right outsourcing partner saves a lot of time and money and ensures superior proficiency in project delivery.
How to determine the Right Outsourcing Partner for Revit & BIM Services?
  • Opt for a partner who can visualize your creation and create a 3D model of your choice.
  • Look for a outsourcing partner who can understand your requirements and present an ideal solution for it.
  • An outsourcing partner having a previous experience for providing such services comes handy in making up the decision.

This blog post states the necessity in finding the appropriate outsourcing partner for BIM and Revit Outsourcing Services. It also throws light on the points to consider when determining the right partner for such services.

Revit and BIM Modelling forms a critical component of AEC design. It allows firms to take the design concept into a 3d dimensional model and subsequently create accurate drawings from a clash-free, spatially coordinated model that is efficient, accessible and installable. Whilst the BIM modeling element is critical, the core skill of a designer, whether an architect or an engineer, is the concept design. It is possible to outsource the BIM element more effectively, however selecting the right partner is critical as doing so will ensure that workflow, standards and output of BIM are not compromised.

Why Revit and BIM Services Can Be Outsourced?
Before considering the key steps when looking for a BIM partner, it is important to understand why BIM (Building Information Modeling) Services can be outsourced effectively. There are several reasons but the key reason is skilled resources. Not all construction companies have the expertise in-house to manage all of their BIM needs mainly because of the speed of BIM adoption in their operating territory and therefore the lack of skilled and trained resources that are able to work on their projects. Due to the amount of time that is required for effective BIM application, firms have to decide on whether to turn down project work or to increase their resource base. Outsourcing is a natural strategy that is already effective and therefore is the only solution for firms in the AEC space.

How to get the Right Outsourcing Partner for Revit and BIM Services?
When a firm decides to outsource, the steps to find a partner are critical and will be the difference between an effective or ineffective outsourcing strategy for BIM production. Some of the questions asked below will help one find the right outsourcing partner for Revit and BIM services:

  • Relevant market experience
  • Years of experience
  • Experience of personnel
  • Culture in the firm – is it focused on delivery and does it meet western style standards
  • Communication styles and collaboration
  • What is the turnover of staff
  • What type of software and hardware is used
  • What is the overall it and internet infrastructure like
  • How do they handle confidentiality
  • What are their operation models – price per hour
  • How does the partner firm treat its own staff – are there lots of hr strategies in place for employee well-being – as this will affect employee turnover
  • Do they have accredited quality standards
  • Do they have other professional accreditations such as autodesk affiliations
  • What is the office and working environment like
  • Will they do a sample
  • Does a review of their models and drawings demonstrate a good understanding of the software and the design industry

To conclude, it is clear that Revit or BIM skills from an outsourcing partner are simply not enough of a qualification as BIM projects require extensive collaboration and communication. Whether it is BIM Outsourcing or MEP CAD Outsourcing Services, identifying the right outsourcing partner is an exercise that involves extensive due diligence which includes technological expertise, professional accreditations, cultural fit, market experience, financial stability, management and leadership and more. Firms will only benefit from effective BIM production with a third party of the right partner is selected and of course managed on an on-going basis on a partnership basis.