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Revit for Architecture and Design
30 September 2020
Kuldeep Bwail

5 Great Reasons to Use Revit for Homebuilding

Home designers and clients are finding it easy to use Revit Architecture services for their home design requirements. As Building Information Modelling (BIM) is becoming a major innovation for homebuilding drafting services and architectural CAD services, Revit 3D BIM modelling is becoming a popular option, due to its many features.


Five significant and compelling reasons for using Revit for home designing are:

Enables Preview

Conceptual changes can be made parametrically and can be viewed in 3D at an early stage.

Saves Time

Designing and drafting becomes fast and accurate, as changes are automatically updated throughout the model.

Design Library and Corrects Errors

Pre-installed parametric building components, finalised designs are stored for reference, and 3D Revit models help identify and resolve clashes.

Accuracy and Collaboration

Accurate bill of quantities are automatically generated, and stakeholders can collaborate easily as they can access the model anytime, anywhere.


Many tools integrate with and many add-ons pair with Revit, and multiple users from varied platforms can store designs in a single project file.

Revit can also handle structural and MEP design services along with architectural services with ease. Homebuilding companies recognise that Revit is both effective and advanced to address client needs in home design.