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3D Modeling in Construction
6 January 2023
Shalini John

Can BTR Home Design Benefit from 3D Modelling?

A distinct asset class, build to rent houses aims to make housing affordable for everyone. This type of housing fits in nicely to fill the gap and ensure huge potential profits in the rental property market. It is a sector that is forecast to see considerable growth. Young adults today may not be able to afford their own homes, so the demand for build to rent homes remains high and is expected to double in the next 5 years. The UK government is offering tax incentives to build to rent scheme developers in its bid to allay the looming housing crisis. Providing a regular income and capital growth from ownership, the appreciating value of the houses means that it will cost less to build than to buy, increasing profits.

Ideas, even for build to rent homes, need to be presented visually for approvals. Engineers can use 3D visualisation services to present design concepts effectively. By investing in 3D BIM modelling, one can add dimensions and parameters to engineering calculations. Modern software and BIM services help represent engineering details accurately in models and while generating building construction drawings.

Benefits of 3D Modelling for Build to Rent Homes

3D Models Better Represent Design

The obvious advantage is that visualising the final design is easier with 3D modelling. It provides an accurate depiction of a project and enables the viewing of a built-to-scale representation. Specific exterior paint colours, structural choices and features can be highlighted, helping people see how their build to rent homes will appear in real life.

Effective Design for Prefabrication

A 3D model can communicate design effectively, eliminating errors and inconsistencies. These models can be used to examine linear and geometric tolerances, which can affect the prefabrication process for building components, bathroom pods or other parts of the housing unit.

Identify Errors

Identifying errors through a 3D modelling can saving future expenses. Using 3D models and simulation software, most flaws can be determined at the design stage before proceeding to construction. These models enable the coordination of mechanical, electrical, plumbing/public health and fire protection services. So, any build to rent houses can be checked, tested and modified before construction commences.

Improved Visualisation

Plans can be validated, and 3D models can be used to generate 3D renderings, which can save time and money, in case owners want to change the design and see what the new design would look like. For build to rent projects with regular and continuous back and forth, it’s easier and less expensive to alter 3D models in the design stage rather than later.

Faster Project Completion

Within a high-demand market, houses may need to be built as quickly as possible. Working with 3D models speeds up the decision-making process in the initial design stage. Potential challenges can be identified early, helping to finish projects efficiently, within budget and on time. Customers and other stakeholders can see a ‘working model’ before actual construction.

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Easier Facilities Management

Using 3D models, utility lines can be accurately recorded and documented for future use in the facilities management process. Lines of layout walls can be precisely and accurately represented for carpenters, eliminating possibly expensive errors.

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