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27 January 2023
Manoj Singh

Can Homebuilders Boost Sales Using Dynamic Floor Plan Tools?

It’s been a tough year for many sectors, and homebuilding has been somewhat affected as well. Increased US mortgage rates, constraints related to building material supply and rising construction costs have made their impact felt on homebuilders, who are looking for solutions that are creative, involve affordability and result in increased sales. Higher inflation and interest rates are certainly throwing a spanner in the works. However, rising buyer traffic and favorable demographics are contributing to greater demand.

What can be done?

Attract, inform and collaborate with customers. Make dreams come true. Create an emotional connect. In other words, offer home buyers perspective, visualization and the opportunity to contribute to the design process by using a customized floor plan tool. Home floor planner tools are gaining in popularity, and many homebuilders use a floor planner tool on their websites. When house floor plans become interactive house floor plans, viewers can partake in interactive furniture placement and use other features.

What Interactive Floor Planner Tools Do
  • Attract – Home buyers can explore and navigate floor plan options, from any location, for how long they wish and as many times as they want to. These floor planners are available on modern devices and browsers.
  • Inform – Home buyers can study, consider and understand structural options, view exteriors and easily place furniture.
  • Collaborate – Floor planners can notify homebuilders of user interest in real time, so that they can understand customer requirements and respond quickly.
Relevance of Interactive Floor Planners

People are busy, want to minimize travel and would still want to shop around before making a decision as major as investing in a new home. A digital, immersive floor plan helps buyers look through a home design from the comfort of wherever they may be, without interfering too much with their schedule and without having to move.

Potential home buyers may become actual home buyers when they have a more informed concept of the design and can see all the elements with just a click on their screens.

  • When home buyers can see, imagine and navigate through a potential home, immediate interest is piqued. Along with these features, interactive floor planners enable users to zoom in to understand and customize the features of the home in a virtual space.
  • Designers can alter floor plan details whenever possible to comply with these personal preferences.
  • Homebuilders can easily showcase all the important and attractive features of the property. So, there’s something for everyone.

Thus, interactive floor planners provide value for potential buyers, builders and homeowners. As users visualize and customize their dream homes, interactive floor plans and their engaging technology help builders convert them into buyers and thus boost sales.

The emotional engagement of potential buyers means that interactive floor plans can turn into a step towards someone’s home. They can immerse themselves in the plan, customize architectural options, add, move or remove furniture and plan spaces as per the availability of natural light.

Benefits of Interactive Floor Planners
  • Engagement – Floor planners lure potential buyers in, making it easy and interesting to customize their homes. They also increase viewer time on a homebuilder’s website and encourage questions, clarifications and further questions, moving closer to possible investment in a home.
  • List of Features – Pricing for structural options, furniture options and electrical component planners are just some of the features that viewers can learn about.
  • Archiving – Potential buyers at a builder’s website may visualize, design and save a floor plan easily for comparisons or future reference.
  • Lead Generation – Once saved, plans and contact information are sent to a builder’s sales team for follow-up. Once a home is sold, the plans can be used to start creating technical documents for approvals, installations and construction.
  • Space Planning – Once purchased, owners can use the floor planner to print out the floor plan and give it to their movers so that they can place furniture and other equipment in the relevant space. The planner helps buyers view their selected structural options, drag and drop furniture and make important notes.
To know more about floor plan tools . . .

When home buyers see the benefits and advantages in using a tool such as an interactive floor planner or a digital floor planner, they may begin to expect it and associate it with the integrity and efficiency of a homebuilder, encouraging them to consider buying from such developers. They may also be swayed by how useful the floor planner would be during the refurbishment or alteration of the home. In a highly competitive environment, every little bit helps, and having an interactive floor planner on the website could make all the difference to transform viewer interest to sales.

XS CAD has valuable experience providing customized floor plan tools for large global homebuilders. Our range of services across the world include home floor planner tools or digital floor planners to create interactive house floor plans with interactive furniture placement and other services related to providing a floor planner tool for websites. We offer retained teams when required, and we create these interactive floor planners by using Revit, AutoCAD and BIM Collaborate Pro for cloud collaboration.