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31 January 2022
Shalini John

Can Homebuilders Rely on 3D Walk-throughs to Increase Sales?

Competition is fierce in the homebuilding industry. Standing out in the throng can come down to clever marketing. For a dynamic homebuilding industry, 3D house walk-throughs and animations developed from these walk-throughs can make all the difference. Studies show that an online post with a video receives four times more searches than one without a video, and that 80 percent of potential home buyers tend to trust pitches using videos. The use of 3D animation of houses can boost marketing strategies for unfinished buildings as well, as clients can view architectural design work even before the project begins.
Does all this translate to sales?
Well, besides the fact that 3D walk-throughs can make the marketing collateral more efficient and successful, they have a variety of benefits for both homebuilders and buyers.

Highlighting the Positives

Showcasing the best angles of a property, 3D walk-throughs can show sections and angles that are crucial to the aesthetics of a home while omitting flaws and other features that are less advantageous.

For example, residential architectural renderings can highlight a well-designed patio, balcony, terrace or garden while leaving out or disguising low ceilings and the proximity to a busy street.

Improving Bounce Rates

As bounce rates can be indicative of a website’s efficiency in boosting sales, it is important to keep bounce rates at the lower end of the spectrum. Pages with 3D walk-throughs or 3D animations tend to be interactive and entertaining, leading more viewers to stay on the webpage for a longer time and learning more about the property than viewing 2D images.


Sales may increase with storytelling. A story can be engaging, entertaining and informative, helping viewers recall past experiences and emotions, instantly connecting with the content displayed. Digital walk-throughs can introduce stories.

Starting with a familiar scene, a 3D walk-through can show how living in a home would be simple and enjoyable. With 3D models of people, pets, plants, vehicles, food, interior elements and other household details, 3D walk-throughs can depict home life with advanced filming technologies, voice-overs and music to create a believable dream.

All-round Views

With 3D walk-throughs, buyers can view every corner, the facade, interior design and even the street view quickly and minus extensive verbal detailing to get a feel of the house.

Justifying the Price

By highlighting each prime feature in a walk-through, high-quality building and decorative materials, functional design and room conveniences can be easily featured. Thus, those interested in buying would be convinced that the property was worth its price and may even contact a salesperson for more details.

Other benefits of walk-throughs include the fact that buyers can be miles away, at home or with friends while viewing and discussing the house. Architects and designers can showcase a home infused with their creativity without waiting for numerous delays before creating an actual house.

This is especially relevant during a pandemic, when leaving one’s own home can be fraught with danger and illness and viewing a physical property may not involve the requisite social distancing.
So, what exactly can a 3D walk-through enable?

  • As a computer-based animation that represents a space in terms of design, depth, measurement, environment and ambience, a 3D walk-through allows a prospective buyer to understand what they are investing in.
  • Clients can move from room to room according to the layout and view interior elements in detail. This can be repeated as many times as required for review and decision-making. Changes can be made early on, before construction commences.
  • Heights and widths of windows and doors can be measured and modified.
  • Miscommunication, misunderstandings and confusion about the finished product can be virtually eliminated.
  • Inclusion of walk-throughs in presentations and pitches has a distinctly positive and effective result on potential buyers.
Clients and Walk-throughs

Why do clients like walk-throughs?

  • They can view both exteriors and interiors – landscape, lighting, backgrounds, street scenes
  • Both clients and designers can be on the same page.
  • Every part of the floor plan can be zoomed and discussed easily, so clients can modify design elements, resolve flaws and personalise the space.
  • In a dollhouse view, clients can see a zoomed-out view and rotate the model around to see it from any angle.
  • In a floor plan view, clients can have a bird’s-eye view of the house and how each floor is laid out.
  • In measurement mode, clients can measure anything they see – walls, counters, doors, windows, furniture, etc.
  • Clients with a range of walk-throughs to view can decide which ones they want to visit in person.
  • Looking at many homes consecutively can be confusing. Sometimes clients forget what they liked or what they were concerned about in a home. Walk-throughs let them go back and view each property as many times as they need to.

To create 3D walk-throughs, there are a bouquet of useful tools to choose from, such as BIM software Revit and ArchiCAD for Revit 3D BIM modelling and architectural walk-through animations. Interior rendering packages by Sketchup, 3Ds Max, Lumion and Twinmotion can show good results as well. However, creating a walk-through on these software is not easy and requires time to master.

Standing out with photorealistic walk-throughs can ensure success in the homebuilding industry. High-quality architectural 3D walk-through services, architectural rendering services, residential BIM modelling and other types of 3D walk-through services are no longer difficult to source. Offshore resources can design and create completely immersive, interactive and photorealistic experiences that can be viewed at any time, resulting in more views and therefore increased sales. Thus, walk-throughs can be an effective marketing tool for homebuilders and will help clients make decisions faster, leading to an increase in the buying and selling of houses.

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