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16 May 2022
Rony Fernandes

Challenges & Solutions for Homebuilding Today

It’s a world of many challenges, but homebuilders face a number of specific challenges today. They include a shortage of experienced Revit designers, a scarcity of skilled labour on site, communication breakdowns, faulty scheduling, documentation with errors and the struggle to sell new houses. Well qualified residential design services support can alleviate some or most of the burden.

How can this be?

Looking at each challenge in turn:

Shortage of Revit Designers

Well, for starters, not many people are rushing to learn Revit in the West. Large homebuilders who find it difficult to hire local talent adept at using Revit software can consider outsourcing architectural design services or 3D modelling services to offshore destinations.

Scarcity of Skilled Labour

For some time, due to the pandemic, lockdowns, political developments and other factors, it is becoming increasingly challenging to find skilled labour for on-site construction sites. Design for Manufacture and Assembly, of DfMA, can be a viable solution for this difficulty. As most of the manufacturing and assembly of building components can be carried out at a factory setting removed from the site, this reduces the number of skilled workers required to install the components once they are transported to the site. However, it is important for homebuilders to have accurate, precise and flawless modular construction drawings.

Communication Breakdowns

Many times, project hiccups can occur due to communication breakdowns. Technology can help with this challenge, in the form of email, text messages, BIM technology and cloud collaboration. Information can be clearly, correctly and instantaneously communicated to all project stakeholders, reducing misunderstandings and subsequent costly delays.

Faulty Scheduling

Scheduling needs to be approached with clarity, anticipation and thoroughness. Using the right building design software enables stakeholders to easily see what needs to be ordered, completed, adjusted and updated, helping to maintain project deadlines.

Managing Documents

Digital solutions can take care of contracts, change orders, materials orders, receipts, invoices, etc. A digital solution can help track documents, organise them, prepare them for approvals and help manage payments on time. Design services support can do a commendable job of preparing, managing and backing up complicated technical documentation.

Selling New Houses

As many people struggle to afford new housing, it can be a real challenge for large homebuilders to market their houses effectively. It may be profitable to use 3D residential walk-throughs, IFPs (interactive floor plans) and other types of visualisation to accurately represent these new houses. High-quality rendered images can even show sustainable materials, an increasingly popular feature for new home buyers.

For homebuilders, partnering with an experienced and reliable architectural CAD outsourcing services provider can be a wise move.

This will result in:

  • High-quality design drawings, models and visualisation, including detailed 3D rendering services
  • Prompt delivery of design support services
  • Experienced, knowledgeable and expert designers providing Revit BIM services
  • Cost-effectiveness

In an industry fraught with challenges, sometimes help may be just a click away. Digital solutions from residential design services experts have proven to be a reliable solution.

XS CAD has valuable experience providing architectural CAD outsourcing services and residential design services for large homebuilders. Our range of services for global homebuilders, green building developers and property developers include Revit BIM services, 3D residential walk-throughs, modular construction drawings, 3D rendering services and other architectural design services. We create 3D modelling and 3D walk-throughs by using Revit, 3ds Max, V-Ray, Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, Illustrator and BIM Collaboration Pro for cloud collaboration.