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1 June 2022
Kuldeep Bwail

Do Homebuilders Prefer a One-stop Shop for Interior Rendering?

Granted that customisation in homebuilding is increasingly the norm, enabling customisation involves a gamut of drawings, modifications and rendered images to see the effect of those modifications. For homebuilders who already have so much on their plate, would they really like to shop at different stores for all their needs? Most would prefer to procure all rendered images for their varied requirements from one source – a one-stop shop that understands all their needs for interior rendered images or an all-inclusive 3D rendering service provider.

Firstly, why are interior rendered images even a thing?

Beautifully and accurately rendered interior images can help truly bring a room together in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Showcasing the colour palette of a room, favourable lighting, suitable furniture, appliances and complimentary textures, interior rendered images provide a range of benefits.

In addition, savvy customers of today know the benefits of 3D visualisation. Some people will not move forward on their path to renovation or decisions on the details of a new house until they view the coming together of all the design details.

Also, accurate and attractive 3D interior renderings help architects and homebuilders sell opulent dreams of luxurious properties to customers.

Just how do rendered images do all of that?

Visualise Final Interiors
  • Unlike designers, home buyers need these images to visualise exactly how the final interiors will look like.
  • Clients need to see, not imagine, color swatches, material samples and 2D floor plans and how they correlate to each other.
  • When a client can clearly comprehend the options on offer, they will be more inclined to make a purchase.
  • Interior rendered images eliminate confusion and guesses, while providing a peek into the future.
Feedback & Updates
  • Client feedback after work commences can be costly and time-consuming, and interior rendering helps eliminate those concerns.
  • Rendered images help clients clearly understand how the space will look and function.
  • Clients can then provide constructive feedback.
  • Updates can be planned well ahead of time.
Sales Strategy
  • For the emotional quotient, interior renderings will always score big.
  • Interior renderings induce positive thinking and positive comments.
  • Renderings also build trust, convincing clients of professionalism.
  • Clients also feel as if the designer understands their needs well.

So, how good can interior rendered images be?

Light Adjustments
  • The right lighting makes interior renderings seem almost real realistic by adjusting natural and artificial lighting.
  • Moving from sunlight to sunset to show interiors at different times of the day can be easily achieved.
  • Varied artificial lighting options, such as candlelight or light from a floor lamp, can be accurately portrayed to create moods.
  • Realistic images need shadows.
  • Rendering software can play with light and shadows on walls, floors and furniture to showcase textures and reflections.
  • The sun’s orientation and its effect on interior can be fully represented when creating interior renders.
Furniture & Accessories

Design libraries of rendering software can provide a selection of furniture, decorations, pictures, books, plants, pets and people to insert lifelike objects in design.


Complex rendering programs can help regulate textures, curvatures and reflections in rendered images.

  • For greater client understanding, interior rendered images can provide a variety of surface colours, materials and textures.
  • Walls can be shown with wood planks and floor tiles and hardwood floors can be shown in different parts of the interiors.
  • Cabinet colours can be matched with a variety of surface coverings, textures and materials.
Multiple Views
  • Different views from a range of angles help viewers comprehend the flow of the design.
  • Views of different rooms from the dining room or the amount of sunlight on a porch throughout the day can be communicated clearly.
  • Viewpoints can be saved to test different design ideas and develop an interior render from the same spot.

Thus, photorealistic rendered images can be so detailed and so effective that they can help plan almost any detail for any homebuilding project, such as an entire home or even just the remodelling of a bathroom. The right partner can provide accurate and attractive architectural 3D rendering services and 3D visualisation services for effective photorealistic CGI images, so that homebuilders can acquire housing interior render images from one source.

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