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7 October 2020
Kuldeep Bwail

Re-defining Home Office Space

Working from home is fast becoming a global trend that is no longer a choice or a luxury. It has already become a necessity for many the world over and may likely remain so indefinitely. The new normal will see homebuilders’ drafting services and homebuilders’ construction drawings incorporating this important feature into home design for existing homes.


Niches and spaces that are seldom used can be converted into multi-use/office spaces, such as:
  • Niches near windows
  • Stair landings
  • Empty garages
  • Space under the stairs
  • Large walk-in closets
  • Basements
Popular tweaks for home office spaces are to:
  • Adapt the Wall – A room wall is adapted with a counter desk, extensive shelving and cabinets, with a decor that matches the room, possibly white with coloured accents
  • Transform Guest Room/Study – A guest room, study or library can be adapted with the right lighting, furniture, screens, bookshelves or cabinets
  • Be Comfortable & Safe – Furniture with rounded edges are safer in small spaces, with proper ventilation, under a ceiling fan or near a radiator or fireplace
  • Think Loftily – Unused levels, such as lofts, alcoves, floor landings, mezzanine floors or attics can be transformed with pendant lights, skylights and built-in shelves
  • Layer Lighting – Picture windows bring in natural light and warmth, while desk lamps and recessed LED lighting help people to focus
  • Keep Secrets – An office space can be concealed behind a mirrored sliding door, helping maintain privacy
  • Enjoy Interiors – Walls of office spaces can have patterned cladding – stone finish, timber, marble – making them stylish and providing texture
  • Have Windows between Rooms – Windows on a wall between two rooms lets in natural light to dark spaces and working parents can monitor small children in another room
  • Plan for Kids – Homework and online classes for kids need space. Built-in desks behind white built-in cupboard doors are private and help store schoolwork and toys