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7 March 2022
Manoj Singh

Top 3 Advantages of Walk-throughs for Homebuilders

A permanent open house is how some refer to virtual house tours or 3D walk-throughs of a home. What’s not to like about accessing the interiors and exteriors of a house for potential buyers without leaving the comfort of their own homes at any time of the day or night? Before construction commences or sometimes before it completes, walk-throughs help buyers get a feel of the space they may call home one day and experience a sense of ownership.

Yes, there are several advantages that 3D house walk-throughs present for homebuilders, and it’s difficult to pin them down to just 3, but here goes.

1. Promotion & Marketing
  • Photorealistic renderings can clearly communicate the finer details of home design to prospective home buyers in brochures, flyers, billboards, etc.
  • 3D walk-throughs and animated videos help promote homebuilders across the Internet, social media and through customised DVDs, as a well-designed virtual house tour can be shared easily and often between family and friends across platforms, which in turn will help homebuilders’ walk-throughs or home tours appear higher on web searches.
  • Homebuilders use walk-throughs to accurately depict the ‘physical environment’ of their house designs.
  • Walk-through animations with interior and exterior details can help customers make alterations of any design feature or component to best suit their needs before construction.
  • Walk-throughs can put potential owners’ doubts to rest, helping a fast approval of designs.
2. Saving Money & Time
  • Travelling from one home to another costs money and time, which can be saved by viewing a walk-through.
  • Walk-throughs also benefit the current scenario, as during the pandemic and lockdowns, leaving home to view houses may be problematic.
  • Walk-throughs and virtual house tours eliminate the need to buy expensive furniture and interior props for show houses.
  • Homebuilders that list their properties online may be inundated with phone calls. Walk-throughs can be viewed by everyone, and the weeding out process of uninterested buyers becomes faster, so that homebuilders then need only deal with those truly interested in making a purchase.
3. Easy Approvals
  • Home buyers can view the functional, emotional, and personalised features of their property to give their approvals.
  • Homebuilders can show regulatory authorities that their projects comply with local building codes, standards and regulations with regard to:

1. Structure

2. Hygiene

3. Drainage

4. Energy efficiency

5. Fire safety

6. Toxicity

  • Detailed rendered images of various views can facilitate timely approvals while saving time for homebuilders.

Thus, photorealistic and accurate 3D walk-throughs can offer a range of benefits for homebuilders, provided they are developed from reliable, high-quality residential architectural renderings and models. To source consistent 3D walk-through services throughout the duration of a homebuilding project, homebuilders from across the world are turning to offshore architectural 3D rendering services and architectural 3D walk-through services with a reputation for quality output.

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