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UK housing associations
3 August 2022
Wayne Kite

How Popular Are Housing Associations in the UK?

Six million people across England receive shelter and support from housing associations, clearly making them popular. Housing associations work together to ensure that most people live in affordable and good quality homes. A major chunk, approximately 25 percent, of new, affordable homes in England are built by housing associations, and there is a growing demand for more. To fulfil these objectives as quickly as possible, housing associations are turning to the use of MMC (modern methods of construction). More work in faster turnaround times means that housing associations will need assistance for the delivery of extensive architectural design services, residential drafting and detailing, architectural BIM services and other 3D CAD services.

Building on philanthropic roots to develop quality affordable homes, housing associations now manage crucial services, such as hostels for the homeless, refuge for victims of domestic violence, community centres, training and apprenticeship programs. Any revenue generated is reinvested into the community in the form of social homes, specialist housing, shared ownership homes, rental homes and homes for sale. Housing associations assist in providing community services, such as support for vulnerable people.


Social rented and affordable rented housing is offered at a subsidised rate to low-income people. The rent is almost half the average local rate for rented homes.

Shared Ownership

Owners buy a percentage of the property, between 25% and 75%, and pay a subsidised rent on the remainder to a housing association. This involves a small deposit and a lower mortgage.

Supported and Specialist

Supported and specialist housing enables the elderly and those that need extra support live independently. Housing associations provide 300,000 homes for the elderly and 115,000 homes for those who need extra support. Examples include:

  • Homes with extra space or facilities for people with mobility challenges
  • Homes that provide care and support services
  • Domestic abuse shelters and hostels for the homeless
Homes to Rent & Buy

All proceeds from the rent and sale of these homes go into constructing more social and affordable homes.

New Construction

Housing associations build thousands of new homes. In 2018 and 2019, more than 45,000 homes were constructed, almost 33 percent of all new homes in England. They invest their own funds to add to government funding. England needs approximately 340,000 new homes every year, including 145,000 social and affordable homes.

Community Services

Housing associations also provide services for local people, such as training, apprenticeships, youth schemes and community centres.

Thus, housing associations build a large percentage of the new homes the country needs every year, and they do so cost effectively yet to a high standard. Modern methods of construction (MMC) can enable all of that.

To know more about homebuilding.

Choosing the right design support can help them minimise the challenges of delivering MMC homes. Design support partners with years of experience in design drafting, Revit Modelling, construction documentation and a thorough understanding of the development process, its pitfalls and local codes and regulations can be an invaluable asset. By working with experts, even if it means they have to outsource drafting services, housing associations will be able to do more and at a cost-effective rate, improving the growth of the sector and increasing the amount of MMC homes constructed, making them even more popular.

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