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26 May 2023
Shalini John

Are Digitised Homebuilding Design Services Here to Stay?

To sustain longevity, one needs to evolve. Homebuilding design services, such as residential architectural . . .

19 May 2023
Shalini John

Can Offshore Resources Make the Move from CAD to Revit-based Designing Easier in the US?

According to a survey by the American Institute of Architects, all large architectural . . .

12 May 2023
Manoj Singh

How Can US Housing Improve the Speed & Quality of Plan Updates?

A man is king of his castle, and right now, castles are scarce to come by in the US . . .

28 April 2023
Manoj Singh

Interactive Floor Planner – Another Digital Twin Tool for Homebuilders?

Alike in every way that counts, twins typically reflect a series of physical traits in each . . .

30 March 2023
Shalini John

Embedding Floor Planners in Websites Generates New Leads for Homebuilders

On a high for quite some time following the pandemic, the US homebuilding industry . . .

20 March 2023
Manoj Singh

Can Homebuilders Save Expenses by Using Floor Planners?

Overspending is more often the case than not during a complex homebuilding project . . .

3 March 2023
Manoj Singh

Why Do Interactive Floor Planners Signal Progress for Homebuilders?

Progress means different things for different people and at different times . . .

27 January 2023
Manoj Singh

Can Homebuilders Boost Sales Using Dynamic Floor Plan Tools?

It’s been a tough year for many sectors, and homebuilding has been somewhat affected as well . . .

6 January 2023
Shalini John

Can BTR Home Design Benefit from 3D Modelling?

A distinct asset class, build to rent houses aims to make housing affordable for everyone . . .

27 December 2022
Shalini John

Are As-fitted Models from Point Cloud Surveys Useful for Facilities Management?

Longevity requires adaptation skills. The longevity of a building depends on adapting to new circumstances . . .

14 December 2022
Manoj Singh

Design Drawing Considerations for Smart Homes

It used to be in the realm of science fiction, but no more. Smart living in smart homes is fast becoming . . .

21 November 2022
Manoj Singh

Considerations for Designing Net Zero Houses

Climate change stories are incomplete without the big, bad villains – homo sapiens. Of all the nasty things . . .

27 October 2022
Kuldeep Bwail

Why Design Support Can Make Remodelling Easy in Housing Projects

It can be daunting. Just the thought of remodelling a group of older residential buildings or large housing projects can induce a minor . . .

20 September 2022
Shalini John

Why Homebuilders Find Digital Tools Attractive

In the business of making dreams come true by building dream homes, it is essential for large homebuilders to communicate design intent clearly . . .

3 August 2022
Wayne Kite

How Popular Are Housing Associations in the UK?

Six million people across England receive shelter and support from housing associations, clearly making them popular. Housing associations work together . . .

12 July 2022
Manoj Singh

How REIT Can It Be?

More and more people are doing it. Real estate investment trust (REIT) housing in the US market is seeing a boost in popularity. This will inevitably mean that they will need the experience and expertise . . .

10 June 2022
Kuldeep Bwail

Should Large Homebuilders Seek CAD Drafting Support?

Everybody needs a little help sometimes, they say. That’s been true for large homebuilders with a significantly heavy load of drafting requirements . . .

1 June 2022
Kuldeep Bwail

Do Homebuilders Prefer a One-stop Shop for Interior Rendering?

Granted that customisation in homebuilding is increasingly the norm, enabling customisation involves a gamut of drawings, modifications and rendered images to see the effect . . .

16 May 2022
Rony Fernandes

Challenges & Solutions for Homebuilding Today

It’s a world of many challenges, but homebuilders face a number of specific challenges today. They include a shortage of experienced Revit designers, a scarcity of skilled labour . . .

20 April 2022
Shalini John

Find the Right Design Support for Home Renovation

‘Good help is hard to find,’ they say. Not always. As families grow or there is an increasing need for home office space or people just get bored, the prospect of home renovation . . .

13 April 2022
Shalini John

Managing Construction Documentation for the Australian Housing Sector

The housing sector in Australia has witnessed the effects of strong population growth and steadily increasing immigrant numbers, resulting in more . . .

1 April 2022
Rony Fernandes

How Design Development Fills the Gap in Construction Design

If residential construction design could be likened to a full course meal, the design development stage would be the entrée or the first part of the main course . . .

7 March 2022
Manoj Singh

Top 3 Advantages of Walk-throughs for Homebuilders

A permanent open house is how some refer to virtual house tours or 3D walk-throughs of a home. What’s not to like about accessing the interiors and exteriors of a house for potential . . .

21 February 2022
Shalini John

Residential Architectural Renderings: How They Benefit Distinct Stakeholders

They are called dream homes for a reason. Whether they are cosy suburban homes with the perfect lawn and spotless white picket fences, featuring a happy family . . .

11 February 2022
Shalini John

Why Residential Architectural Rendering is Paramount for Homebuilders

Homebuilders can offer people the world, especially in an environment where the chances of people working from home are increasing exponentially. New residential design will have to consider that the home will . . .

1 February 2022
Shalini John

Benefits of Revit Families for Residential Construction Drawings

Family benefits come in many forms, but Revit families provide particular benefits for the development of residential construction drawings. Most construction . . .

31 January 2022
Shalini John

Can Homebuilders Rely on 3D Walk-throughs to Increase Sales?

Competition is fierce in the homebuilding industry. Standing out in the throng can come down to clever marketing. For a dynamic homebuilding industry, 3D house walk-throughs and animations developed from these walk-throughs . . .

14 January 2022
Shalini John

Exploring ‘Macro’, ‘Median’ & ‘Micro’ Prefabrication

Modern concepts breed modern lingo. Hence, the growing phenomenon of prefabrication, or DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly), in the construction industry is gradually leading to the introduction of new terms . . .

25 November 2021
Rony Fernandes

The Increasing Popularity of 3D modelling in Homebuilding

‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ is as important for homebuilders as it is for home buyers. Increasingly, homebuilders are using technology to work faster, more efficiently and not just keep up with homebuilding advances but make themselves...

22 November 2021
Shalini John

Why Homebuilders Prefer 3D Modelling

Nothing beats getting things right early on in an expansive project. In the world of large homebuilding projects, a minor miscalculation can lead to disastrous effects, which makes it essential to plan and design as accurately as possible. As the dependency solely on 2D drawings for...

22 October 2021
Shalini John

Does Architectural 3D Rendering Help Sales in the Homebuilding Sector?

Selling a home in the homebuilding industry involves creating a narrative where potential inhabitants are promised a new and attractive lifestyle. Residential rendering services can help create this narrative to . .

28 June 2021
Kuldeep Bwail

BIM – It’s a Win – Win for Homebuilders & Home Buyers!

Building Information Modelling (BIM), a 3D model-based process that provides architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals data and tools to efficiently design . . .

20 June 2021
Manoj Singh

The Evolution of Residential Architectural Rendering

Homes, like many dreams, leave a visual impression in the minds of a home buyer, and as such, designers need to accurately represent that visualisation. In the current scenario, this need has given rise to the creation...

22 February 2021
Manoj Singh

How Can Wall Graphics Enhance Residential Architectural Rendering?

Residential architectural rendering of attractive 3D interiors has the power to influence decisions, and one of the key features of interior scenes is the wall – its colour, its texture . . .

22 February 2021
Shalini John

What’s in a Homebuilding CD Set?

One of the key pre-construction design deliverables powering the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry, construction documentation sets, or CD sets, are kaleidoscopes of design . . .

22 February 2021
Shalini John

Why Users Prefer AutoCAD for Roof Design Drafting

When large homebuilders use local architects for their projects, they are having the cake and eating it too, with cherries on top. Architects from or near the project site provide several perks . . .

30 November 2020
Kuldeep Bwail

Archicad Modelling vs Archicad Drafting

It’s kind of a Tom-and-Jerry predicament. For the cartoon to be funny, you need both Tom and Jerry, both participants. Similarly, for architectural design services to be truly effective, there is a need for both 3D modelling . . .

23 November 2020
Kuldeep Bwail

Photorealistic 3D Rendering: A Perfect Fit for Homebuilders’ Marketing Mix

Since homebuilding is essentially a service provided to potential owners, homebuilders are expected to get the seven ‘P’s of service marketing right. These include product, price, place, promotion, physical environment, . . .

5 November 2020
Rony Fernandes

Using BIM Models and Drawings for Homebuilding Design

Get it done on time and within budget!’ seems to be the mantra for general contractors in the AEC industry. Also known as main contractors in the UK, general contractors make it their number one priority to complete projects . . .

7 October 2020
Kuldeep Bwail

Re-defining Home Office Space

Working from home is fast becoming a global trend that is no longer a choice or a luxury. It has already become a necessity for many the world . . .

30 September 2020
Kuldeep Bwail

5 Great Reasons to Use Revit for Homebuilding

Home designers and clients are finding it easy to use Revit Architecture services for their home design requirements. As Building Information Modelling (BIM) is becoming a major innovation for homebuilding drafting . . .

29 September 2020
Manoj Singh

Using Outsourcing Firms for Homebuilding Design

Outsourcing is no longer a bad word. Scorn and distrust previously associated with outsourcing has given way to appreciation for technical accuracy, professionalism and overall cost benefits. Increased levels of trust have . . .

29 September 2020
Kuldeep Bwail

How Residential BIM Modelling Supports Informed Decision-making

Making a dream concept of a home into a real, actual building requires key players in the construction process making a series of right decisions. Effective decision-making has always needed a cool head borne from . . .

22 September 2020
Shalini John

How Can Detailed 3D Walk-throughs Benefit Homebuilders?

Wysiwyg! ‘What you see is what you get’ has been a catchphrase for decades, and initially, it used to refer to a computer screen display which appears on screen the way it will be seen when printed . . .

25 August 2020
Manoj Singh

5 Compelling Reasons to Use Revit for Homebuilding

Intelligent design transforms a house into a desirable home, and designers need high-quality tools to help visually represent their design. Home designers, until recently, were of almost unanimously convinced that Revit . . .

28 July 2020
Kuldeep Bwail

How Will Covid-19 Impact Prefabrication?

In so many ways, 2020 is poised to become a watershed year for global change. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected and will affect a range of industries, generations of people and the environment, but not always negatively...

21 July 2020
Manoj Singh

Why Large Homebuilders Prefer Using Local Architects

When large homebuilders use local architects for their projects, they are having the cake and eating it too, with cherries on top. Architects from or near the project site provide several perks. They can access the site easily and may be able to...

6 July 2020
Shalini John

Re-defining Home Office Spaces for Old & New Residences

Working from home is fast becoming a global trend that is no longer a choice or a luxury. It has already become a necessity for many the world over and may likely remain so indefinitely. The new normal will see homebuilders...

29 June 2020
Shalini John

Sustainable Homebuilding Materials & Residential BIM Modelling-Perfect Partners

When the global spotlight in construction is highlighting sustainability, can BIM (Building Information Modelling) be far behind? Using the functionality of Revit families, residential BIM modelling and other BIM modelling services...

25 June 2020
Kuldeep Bwail

Onus on Users, but Component Manufacturers Can Help Update BIM Libraries

Libraries have transformed from a quiet haven filled with seemingly endless shelves of books to a virtual environment necessary for modern construction . . .

22 June 2020
Shalini John

Residential Architectural Rendering Made Easy

Architectural 3D rendering can help identify potential challenges early in the design process and showcase design ideas effectively with both partners and clients. A rendered image can provide . . .

6 May 2020
Shalini John

How Is the Homebuilding Industry Beating Covid-19 ?

According to industry sources, the Covid-19 lockdown in many countries, especially in the West, are seeing more visitors online, on homebuilding sites, than ever before. How could . . .

28 March 2019
Manoj Singh

Different Features of UK & US Home Design

Specific climates experienced year-round, space limitations and the cost of materials influence home design options in the US and UK. Fundamental differences of UK and US home design occur within homes and include . . .

4 March 2019
Kuldeep Bwail

Common UK and US Architectural Home Design Styles

Speaking English isn’t the only thing the United Kingdom and the United States of America have in common. Both countries also feature aesthetically appealing houses constructed according to regulated and modernised . . .

22 December 2018
Kuldeep Bwail

UK, US Houses – Similarities and Differences

Besides a common language, the United Kingdom and the United States have another common trait. They include urbanised population centres that require efficient, precise home design . . .

21 August 2018
Rony Fernandes

Outsourcing Now a Better Fit for UK Homebuilders

Whether it’s the home of your dreams or shelter from the elements, the housing industry in the United Kingdom has weathered its share of storms. Amid the inclement climate of Brexit, poor construction, scarcity . . .

12 July 2018
Manoj Singh

Impact of Virtual Design & Construction in Renovation / Redevelopment

Across the world today, more than half the population resides in urban enclaves. The world’s population is estimated to reach 6 billion by 2045. Planning for growth, infrastructure . . .

7 June 2018
Kuldeep Bwail

Adding the Right Design Resource for Australian Housing Design

Think of Australia and you think of the outdoors, the ‘bush’, the ‘outback’, open land and open skies. Love of the outdoors and entertaining is entrenched in the Australian identity and reflected in the basic . . .

23 February 2018
Kuldeep Bwail

ArchiCAD or Revit for Homebuilding Models & Drawings?

Two stalwarts seem to tower over the rest of the available software platforms in the homebuilding industry, ArchiCAD by Graphisoft and Revit by Autodesk . . .

19 December 2017
Kuldeep Bwail

10 Reasons to Deploy DfMA

One of the most fundamental aspects of construction is design. So, what is the design process in the construction industry ultimately geared toward? The short answer is: creating a building . . .

28 September 2017
Shalini John

Can Home Designers Benefit from Global Design Outsourcing?

Designing a home is a deeply personal and conceptually technical exercise – personal for the homeowner and technical for the home designer and homebuilders. As in any design process . . .